Jason Winnebeck

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Software Architect and engineer with over 15 years experience in modern, robust programming techniques on the Java platform, with projects deployed in commercial and government products.


MS, Computer Science 2010; GPA 4.00 / 4

  • Study cluster: Distributed systems; Project: Embedded databases (RealDB)

BS, Computer Science 2003; GPA 3.85 / 4


  • Java: Java 8, IntelliJ IDEA, Groovy. JDBC, Hibernate, Guice, Spring Boot 2, Spring MVC, JAX-RS, JAX-WS
  • Tools: Oracle, Redis and Lua, MongoDB, SQL Server and MySQL. Mercurial, GIT, JIRA, Fisheye/Crucible, Confluence, SVN.
  • Web: HTML5, CSS, Web services (REST/JSON and SOAP), AngularJS, Grunt, npm, bower. OpenID Connect.
  • Linux: Ubuntu/Debian and deb packaging development/deployment, "Embedded"/custom Linux with BusyBox
  • Other: SAE standards J1587, J1708, J1939, J1979, CAN. C/C++ (STL, Boost)


Assignment at Windstream

Contractor; Software Engineer III 8/2013 to present

  • Select technologies, design and build backend and frontend for a sales quoting application used by external sales users and quoting aggregators
  • Backend provided SOAP (JAX-WS) and REST (JAX-RS) web services using Jetty and CXF, implemented in Groovy
  • Frontend written in JavaScript, using AngularJS and Bootstrap with Grunt, Bower, and npm
  • Research, prototype, and implementation of migration of REST (Spring MVC) microservices from custom embedded Tomcat and Spring to Spring Boot 2 architecture. Developed Gradle plugin to share common configuration implementing CI in Windstream's specific environment. The services support the quoting applications and utilize Redis, Mongo, and Oracle databases.
  • Build microservices prototype using Spring Cloud and including Consul, Hystrix, Turbine and Ribbon. Research Zuul load balancing/API gateway, Docker, and Kubernetes.
  • Configure services and Apache on Linux development and production servers
  • Set up and maintain Jenkins continuous integration server on Linux and Sonatype Nexus 3 for proxying and publishing npm, NuGet and Maven artifacts. Assisted management of TeamCity CI jobs.
  • Rewrite JSF-based UI of the company's primary internal sales quoting application to use HTML5+AngularJS frontend with JSON backend implemented in JAX-RS+Groovy on Weblogic. The new backend also allowed replacing Selenium-based integration testing with direct API testing, reducing automated testing times from hours to minutes.
  • Part of a team to integrate that application with Salesforce, converting some existing code utilizing Oracle PL/SQL to SOAP/SOQL queries
  • Plan, architect, and implementation of a Groovy rules framework to replace proprietary usage of IBM JRules system. Manage and implement the actual migration with a few other developers.
  • Performance optimization project involving Oracle table and index design, Guava and Redis caching. For Redis I was involved with technology selection/justification, configuration and deployment scripts on Linux.

Senior Staff Engineer 11/2011 to 08/2013

Staff Engineer 12/2013 to 10/2011

  • Lead software design and development process for multiple projects:
    • Generic Java framework for a modular vehicle diagnostics and telematics system. Used Java 1.3-1.7, JDBC, SQL, XML, and networking technologies to develop the project.
    • Java Swing-based maintainer's interface, and data synchronization software
    • Android version to collect and store data from light vehicles (OBD-II)
    • Projects have been deployed in US Marine Corps, commercial applications, and a spin-off company, Vnomics
  • Work with team to introduce and facilitate Agile programming (Scrum, Continuous Integration)
  • Work with MySQL databases on Linux and SQL Server databases (100s GB+ size) in Windows.
  • Developed and implemented team workflow and release management processes.
  • Interview, hire and manage student co-ops (paid internships).
  • Evaluated, configured and maintained development services (SVN, Trac, Apache, ScrumWorks, TeamCity, and MySQL) on a Linux Ubuntu server.

Software Co-op 5/2002 to 11/2002 + 5/2003 - 8/2003

  • Started design and coding for vehicle monitoring application and maintainer's interface, described above.


Tulsa, OK

Web Application Developer Co-op 5/2001 to 8/2001 + 11/2001 to 2/2002

  • Used JSP, JDBC, Oracle, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to create intranet web applications
  • Worked in a project to redesign the Tulsa Historical Society website (since redesigned)



Eagle Scout, RIT Dean's List