Gillius's Programming

JFXUtils 0.1 Released

I wrapped up some of the JavaFX code I've been working with into a library org.gillius:jfxutils, which is hosted at github (project page). The artifact is also published in my Maven repository. It offers the following now:

  1. Ability to add zooming capabilities to a JavaFX XYChart in both plot area and axes.
  2. The scaling-on-resize effect described in my previous post.
  3. An experimental way to replace a Node in the scene graph with a different one (it's not as easy as you think)
  4. A way to get X and Y offsets of a Node from an arbitrary ancestor in a way that handles translation/padding/layout, etc., but does not yet handle scale and rotations (this might be possible if transforms can be combined as rumored for JavaFX 8)

I plan on adding panning compatibility in a future release.