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JFXUtils 0.3: Mousewheel Zooming

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Version 0.3 of JFXUtils is released now, with only two real changes:

  1. Support for zooming with mousewheel. The location of the cursor is used as the "focal point" of zooming in or out. If cursor is on X or Y axis, only that axis is zoomed. ChartZoomManager allows drag zoom and wheel zoom to be enabled independently, by default both are on.
  2. Fix/workaround for auto-zooming in the charting example.

You can get it at the GitHub project page, or directly from the Maven Repository. You can also view documentation online.

1 Comment

Thanks for making this easy zoomer/panner software, and for sharing it with all freely. I like it that the user can zoom on just the x-axis, if they want to.

Suggested pan feature: when pan dragging in the axis area, hold the other axis fixed. Right now, there's no way to drag one axis only.

Pan feature 2: furthermore, the programmer might like to disable y-axis panning altogether.


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