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The Lunchbus -- June 30, 2016 11:06 PM

I made a project ("lunchbus") to play with Spring Boot + websockets + AngularJS 1.5 + Groovy + Redis. This may be interesting to those who are interested to see how these are set up. The project also has the configuration to run on Heroku.

The lunchbus app keeps track of who owes lunches and to whom, a list of people and places that can be selected, a button to randomly select a place, a chat functionality, and a demonstration of high-speed log output from backend. Persistence is provided by Redis. Due to how it uses Redis, it's just almost ready for horizontal scaling with multiple servers, for that time that you have over 100,000 people going to lunch with you. All that's needed for that is to integrate Spring Boot to Redis pubsub.

My goal is to learn Spring Boot and websockets primarily, and also to see what does an application relying solely on websockets look like and its strengths/weaknesses.

jalleg Update -- June 30, 2016 10:19 PM

The jalleg binding for Allegro covers essentially the entire library now, with all of the major parts tested. It is at the point I believe it is good enough to start using. Any feedback is appreciated, and if no issues arise, I will probably make a 0.1 release, although the binding itself is more like "1.0 beta". The library has been tested on both Windows and Linux (Ubuntu) at this point. I've also set up a wiki page on getting started in Windows and Linux.

There are a few examples but the default one that runs is a ball and paddle game using a handful of Allegro features:

  • Display and primitives addon
  • Font addon for scores
  • Keyboard: A/Z left player, up/down right player
  • Mouse: click where you want the paddle to be
  • Joystick: controls the right player
  • Haptics addon: if you have for example XBox controller as your joystick, you get rumble effect when ball hits
  • Audio addon: sound effects generated by square waves
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