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Want to find someone else to annoy and bother???  Why not talk to me?  If you have questions about programming, talk to me, I might be able to help.  I've worked with GCC, Allegro, and MSVC to name some things. I can also answer questions about Java and database programming with JDBC, and web programming as well (JavaScript, JSP, DHTML, XML). You don't see those projects on my site because that's what I do at work (and thus I cannot release those projects).

Don't forget if you have a programming question or a comment you can always use the forums. I would prefer you to use the message boards for more general questions so that others may share from the answers and also to allow others to contribute to the discussion. I usually check the forums every day or every other day so it should be nearly as effective as sending me e-mail.

Contact me via Email at:

You will need javascript enabled to see the above link. I needed to obfuscate the address so that it is not harvested by automatic spam collectors.