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March 22, 2003 - End of Week 2 (of 10)

I've been working on implementing the terrain engine. So far I have the day/night cycles in there, and the terrain's geometry is uploaded and transformed entirely on the card if supported, which greatly speeds the rendering of the terrain. Here is a screenshot of part of a 40x40 meter terrain during sunset:

March 25, 2003 - Tuesday of Week 3

More work continues on the terrain and indoor rendering. We also have basic model support at this time, that can load and render static models (no animation yet). We have a gargoyle as the player token, but in our game the gargoyle is going to be an enemy, not the player. His wings have a slight culling problem.

Also we have 3rd and 1st person cameras implemented. A point light emminates from the gargoyle. This picture is of the latest terrain set to generate flat-ish plains. The gargoyle is perched on the top of a little "hill" at dawn.