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Welcome to The Games Corner. All of the games I have created are on this page. Feel free to contact me to send me all of your comments, suggestions, and questions. All of my games come with source, and most are made with Allegro. My smaller and more miscellaneous projects have been placed in The Archive. If you have sound problems with DOS games (including some of mine), be sure to check out "Getting the Sound to Work."

Game Networking Engine (GNE) (2001-2012, with minor updates since)

GNE, or the Game Networking Engine, is a cross-platform, multithreaded, C++ networking library with an API specifically addressing the needs of game networking.

Mega Monkey Mayhem (2004)

Mega Monkey Mayhem is a fast-paced monkey bomb battle. Scour the battlefield for powerups to improve your monkey's abilities and arsenal. Attack other players by throwing bombs and catching them with the explosions. Use the terrain to your advantage to strike at enemies below. But watch out for contagious jungle viruses that make your monkey sick!

Xundar (2003)

Action RPG game done for a class project

Super IsoBomb (2002-2003)

Super IsoBomb is a project I worked on as a class project in winter quarter 2002-2003 at college for my 2D Game Programming course. Compared to all of my other projects, this one is by far the best. Most of it is due to the fact that I had other people in a group with me in this class who were as motivated to work as I was, plus my the game was part of my course load, so I HAD to work on it. My other projects have been in my spare time, and where almost all of the work was done by myself.


This project is on hold while GNE is being developed but will be finished. The gameplay is there are playable over the network, but it doesn't work very well, which is why GNE is being developed.

Last updated: 3/25/00, version 1.0 for Windows

I saw a shareware Tron/Lightcycles clone on my friend's mac one night at the college dorm that cost something like $10-$15 and it was horrible. You couldn't change your controls or play 2-player unless you registered, and the computer opponent looked like he was moving around the board randomly, stopping only when he might hit himself. I said I could do better than that in half an hour for free and I did do that (although with no polish at all) -- but then we got out of hand, adding whatever came to our minds -- exploding mortar shells, wacky colored worms, worm sound effects for each worm, and support for an infinate number of players. Afterwards I decided to release it and slapped on a good GUI frontend to customize and save your characters and view their lifelong scores.

This game has been completed

Project V2143: The Price of Justice
Last updated: 1/12/00, version 16 for Windows and DOS

Project V2143 was a tank fighter game I started on after I realized how much of a mess I made of the JetFight code, my first game. I wanted to keep this one simple so I could finish it but made it a little too complex. So far I've spent almost all of my time working on the map editor and GUI system, which at this point in time is pretty good. The map editor could be made a little more user friendly but it has many functions and a help system, and is fully-featured (draging, editing, menu system, right click popups, automatic terrain editor).

Development on this game has been indefinately discontinued.

Last updated: 12/3/98, version .020a for DOS

JetFight was my first "big project" ever in any programming language. I got a nice 2D game engine up where you can fly your plane around scrolling terrain with great sound effects and shoot horrible computer opponents -- and that's about it. The map editor for PV2143 was based off this one but this early version has no where near the features or completeness. Despite its failures, for my first independant project it was a pretty good attempt. I've had some requests for the source so I have placed it here.

Development on this game has ended.

Last JetFight game source

Pascal Blackjack
Uploaded 7/22/99, version 1 for DOS
download source and binary in .zip format (10K)

This is a game I made years ago but put it up because it is still a fun game and is a very good Pascal example of ASCII graphics effects such as formatting, text windows, screen scrolling, as well as a good example of a sound effects engine using the old built-in PC speaker (cards hitting table and text typing). I played it right before I uploaded was surprised at how fun the game was despite being small, older and text-based.

This game is completed.