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Team Adhocracy

What is adhocracy? Wikipedia: "Adhocracy is a type of organization being an opposite of bureaucracy"

Team Members

Team Research Topic

Survey of Ad hoc routing algorithms

Comparison of three routing algorithms:


Presentation 1 - April 5, 2007 - Overview (odp) (PDF)

Presentation 2 - April 12, 2007 - Papers Review (odp) (PDF)

Presentation 3 - April 26, 2007 - Project Design (odp) (PDF)

Presentation 4 - May 10, 2007 - Project Results (odp) (PDF)

Final Report

Final report (ODT) (PDF)

Source code (including tests), binary code (including CSCL dependency), input files and generated output files. (ZIP - 338k) (tar.bz2 - 274k)

Generated Javadoc (not included in above package) (ZIP - 264k) (online HTML)

Note: running unit tests requires JUnit. The scripts do not compile the unit tests by default, and JUnit is not required to run the binaries.


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