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Project V2143: The Price of Justice

PV2143 was a game that we developed in 1998, so the content on this page is pretty dated and the game is very old. This page is still up mostly for nostalgic reasons -- the source code is there there though if you are interested in learning about game programming though.


Jason Winnebeck (contact)
Lead Designer/Programming/Maps/Doodad Art

Jason Asato (webpage)
Full Screen Art/Terrain

Stephen Iglesias
Unit Art

Lonnie Taylor (webpage) (email)
Titlescreen Music Theme

Todd Wolfe
Lead Plot

Alpha Testers
Dror "I_D_F" from Israel

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Latest News
What's Next
Known Bugs
Screen Shots
Source Code and Fun Facts


2D scrolling game, with layered maps (tanks can hide under trees, etc.)
640x480x256 game resolution
Mouse control for turret, keyboard for tank
Upgrades(multiplayer only) and powerups for tank in game
Terrain considerations--tanks move slower in mud/beach/grass, faster on roads
Map Editor--GUI interface in 1024x760 res
Wonderful sound effects
Lots and lots and lots of tanks parts when tanks explode
Digital Music tracks
Lots of transparent smoke, explosions, and more!

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Just after the turn of the 21st century, with prison overpopulation at an all time high, and the United States already having an unprecedented reputation crisis as the only Global Power left who still employed capital punishment, the President was faced with an odd problem. He was an odd man, and he found a way to use the United State's greatest advantage as a solution. Space, the former frontier, man had long since tamed this desolate wasteland, established many sister colonies on nearby worlds. One such world, was to serve as the prison planet, a planet used to house the nation's exiles, the planet chosen was the nearby planet of Venus, ironically once thought of as the most beautiful of the Gods, and now merely a wasteland for living trash.

Thankfully, Venus had already begun advanced stages of terraforming, and thus could easily be made into the prison planet. The United States sent special electronic dampeners, which made long range communication for those on the planet impossible, and created automated guns around the planet so any attempts to flee would certainly fail. As an extra safety precaution, the Marines were stationed on an orbital space platform nearby so they could go in and bomb any problem areas.

As you have probably already guessed, this is more than a history lesson, recently a Doctor Lurmi was sent to the planet, and he has apparently used his knowledge of electronic dampening and mechanics to somehow capture the satellites. The Marine station was blown away by the autocannons and the criminals now have complete control of Venus. You have been selected to take it back, for this threat to National Security cannot stand, using our cloaking technology, we will send in squad after squad of tanks commanders, such as yourself, to decimate the enemy. Be warned, they somehow hid whatever they used to capture our defenses, they might be hiding more, be prepared for anything! Good luck, Venus awaits, now you enter, Project V2143: The price of justice.

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Latest News

The readme always has the latest info.

1/12 -- Version 16 is now out for Windows and DOS. Check the bugs, because they are the most significant info for this new update.

10/6 -- Version 15 is now out! Read the readme for changes
9/30 -- Updated the readme and stats on the newly arriving build 15!
9/24 -- Added a mirror download, which is all one part now.
8/3 -- Changed distribution format. Notes about this are in the download section.
7/29 -- Moved the screenshots off this page for a faster loading time, and I added three shots and fixed up the titlescreen shot.
7/25 -- Sorta forgot to add in the old save with this version so you can play both maps!
7/24 -- FINALLY! The fourteenth build of PV2143 is out! I spent a huge amount of time the last few days rushing to get everything reasonable in because I did not want to release a game with any significant bugs (excluding gameplay/AI weaknesses)! This version is very much changed, with mission objective windows, redesigned and graphical GUI, suspenseful title music track, complements of Lonnie Taylor, a completely new map and more features and bugfixes listed in the readme file!
7/3 -- Build 13(sorta) is out. This consists of a patch to the data file only. There actually is a build 13 EXE file, but the changes are only very minor asethetic changes and a bugfix in the screenshot taker, certainly not worth an additional 300k download, so I didn't release it.

Look at old project news

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What's Next

Redimentary multiplayer via TCP/IP comming soon!

PEOPLE! When I get the graphics.

A cool tank engine sound when I can find it!

Known Bugs


The music doesn't work, because of unfinished functions in Allegro (the library I use for input/output). I took it out because it just sounds like a screeching mess if I had left it in

The GUI icons are miscolored in Windows. I don't know why, and I suspect Allegro again. These should be fixed when the people working on Allegro finish porting it to Windows.


If you are having problems with sound in the DOS version, specifcally when using the SB Live! card, check out Getting the Sound to Work (can also help you in troubleshooting other cards but is geared for the Live!)


Of course, being an alpha version, the game is certainly not gameplay balanced, so don't expect it to be fair. The focus right now is on getting the elements to work. Later on the stats and specific workings of the tanks/weapons/etc will change.

I'm having problems using keys from the keypad to control while the numlock is on. So please make sure your numlock is OFF if you switch to any of those keys (for some reason, recently this hasn't been a problem on some systems.)

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The screenshots have been moved to a new page since I added many more, and wished to save some download time.



I am not responsible for any damage the program does or might do to your system. Although nothing bad should result, but once in a blue moon it might. Keep in mind that the game is still in alpha stage and therefore has not been tested widely and could crash on your system. Check the updates in the "Known Bugs" section just to be safe.

System Requirements


Pentium or VERY fast 486(133+ most likely needed)
VESA compatable video (VESA 3 or AF recommended)
TWO button mouse
Sound Blaster & compatables, Esoniq Soundscape, ESS Audiodrive
Wavetable MIDI highly recommended


Pentium or VERY fast 486
DirectX compatable video and sound, uses DirectX7 or 6.1 (6.1 is untested)
TWO button mouse



readme.txt -- Info on the game
Tank.dat -- datafile
Tank32.dat -- Titlescreen graphics
Maps.dat -- levels
Music directory -- digital music
Tank.cfg -- config file (created by tank.exe)

Tank.exe -- executable
CWSDPMI.EXE -- if you don't have Windows

WinTank.exe -- executable
alleg3930.dll -- Allegro DLL library

Project V2143 Download

If you are having problems with sound in DOS, specifcally when using the SB Live! card, check out Getting the Sound to Work (can also help you in troubleshooting other cards but is geared for the Live!)

Readme -- Latest Version Notes and Installation Instructions

Version .016a download
Last updated 1/12/00.

Base Data Files(Download First!) -- Used Under DOS or Windows
(you may install both Windows and DOS EXEs if preferred)

Rochester, NY Mirror
Full Download
Download Base Files (768k)

Upgrade to .016a from .015a
Download Upgrade (489k)

Then Pick:
Windows DirectX Install

Rochester, NY Mirror
Full Download
Download Windows EXEs (341k)

DOS Install
Rochester, NY Mirror
Full Download
Download DOS EXEs (402k)

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Source Code and Fun Facts

The full source to build 16 is available here (86k) or at the mirror.

To successfully compile the source code, you will need DJGPP with Allegro library 3.x, with the Allegro addons JGMOD, BGUI, and libjpeg. You will also need my LinkList library and random numbers library.

Note that the lines of code only includes the game's core code and not of the libraries listed above.

Fun Facts about the Project V2143 source code build 15:

Number of lines in all files including whitespace: 8953.
That's 359 screens or 180 pages of code!
Number of bytes in all source code files: 267676.
Number of source and header files: 59.
Number of classes (objects) in the code: 67.

Fun Facts about the Project V2143 source code build 14:

Number of lines in all files including whitespace: 8271.
Number of bytes in all source code files: 248319.
Number of classes (objects) in the code: 65.
Number of items in tank.dat file (not including title screen and music!): 326.

Fun Facts about the Project V2143 source code build 13:

Number of lines in all files including whitespace: 7898.
Number of bytes in all source code files: 232315.
Number of classes (objects) in the code: 65.

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